The lost Horses is the first book in the series Journeys with Giants

By Christine Watt

The Lost Horses is the first book in the series Journeys with Giants by Christine Watt. It is the first horse book in young adult literature to bring into focus the plight of the heavy draft horses.  The book is a fantasy with a stringent thread of reality running through the story. The story promotes high moral values, truth and compassion and a love of our planet and nature, our only home in the vast wilderness of space.

 The story is fictitious and all the human characters are fictitious, but the horse characters are based on our very real Heavy Draft horses.

 It is a fantasy adventure story for young adults about a horse mad young lad, Tommy Clark and his adventurous best friend Jessica. They discover that they can talk to horses and a rollicking adventure ensues.  Accompanied by Mr Tobbs, Tommy’s Percheron horse they follow Hector (one of The Great Ones) to the Elysian Fields (the horse’s paradise) where they embark on a dangerous mission.

 Time traveling back fifty million years to the time of the Dawn Horse, Daya, the oracle of all the horses; they are charged with finding the lost heavy draft horses of the past and securing a future for them – Their adventure takes them on a journey to the Star Periscope at the centre of the universe and beyond the boundaries of time. Back home, they travel backwards and forwards in time – shapeshifting into different creatures to spy on the nasty Fuller-Bottom twins to uncover their dreadful plan for the unborn foals. Finally they time travel back to the crusades to find the prophetic Solomon’s Stone where they are openly challenged by the Dark Horseman


About the books and their importance to the writer and her husband, Peter’s mission to save the Heavy Draft Horses

Christine and Peter are hoping to create awareness of the plight of all the heavy draft horse breeds through the books and a sanctuary to keep the horses going long after their deaths with the proceeds from the books – in the same way Beatrix Potter did with her stories and her trust fund which is still keeping farms going in the Lake District, in the UK today.

 “Beatrix Potter is a great inspiration to them because of her love of nature and if they can achieve half of what she did, I will be very happy.”


Full page illustrations in the book


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  • The Fountain
  • The Funeral
  • The starPeriscope
  • Battle with Jinni


Talking about the book

Journeys with Giants – The Lost Horses, is a classic fantasy adventure story for people from age 8 all the way to old age. Its child heroes, Tommy and Jess, discover they can talk with the heavy draft horses on their farm. Guided by the lovable white Percheron, Mr Tobbs, they embark on a thrilling adventure to find the lost horses in limbo, who were killed en masse when cars and tractors took over the jobs of transporting and working the lands of humans.

 The first book in this trilogy, with its truly exquisite illustrations you can lose yourself in — reads like a ride — sometimes even flight! — upon a gentle gigantic horse — it lifts you high with excitement and canters you powerfully right out of the mire of this world. And yet, the geographic, historical and mythic references make you know that this story has its feet and hooves planted firmly on the earth — an earth, which the story’s magic wakens you to see with a new and clarified heart.


Silke Heiss — Poet — Literary Critic — Editor





The Lost Horses is an entrancing tale, encompassing all the magic, mystery and promise of the best adventure stories. With its timeless themes of loyalty, perseverance, courage, love – the bond between animals and humans has seldom been so sensitively portrayed.  Author Christine Watt is clearly as close to understanding the mind of a horse as you can get.
                 The illustrations, by Leigh Austen, beautifully capture the atmosphere of something extraordinary that befalls this little band of heroes and the huge, legendary horses whose future is in their hands.
                 This is a book for children and teenagers, certainly, but it also makes a captivating read for adults – in fact, for everyone who has ever admired or fallen in love with the majesty of horses. And the best bit is that this is just Book One, so there’s lots more to look forward to –



Deborah Rudman — Writer —  Copy Editor



Christine Watt sent me Journeys with Giants — The Lost Horses — to read pre—printing. I found this book very exciting and it captivates your attention right away. It is about the great horses — time travel— telling of history that has been forgotten — it twists and turns in the most delightful ways. My Friend Wanda also read it on my tablet. Her reaction was sad because the second book isn’t finished yet. She thought it was fantastic. She can’t wait to get her first edition paperback copy, neither can I.

 “This book will be a best seller, you must know that and appeal to all ages because after all Wanda and I are not kids and we were captivated by it.”


Lynn Gennrich — Boulonnais Heavy Draft Horse Owner —President of the North American Boulonnais Association




I enjoyed this novel and it was an honour to have the privilege of reading this story pre—printing. It was beautiful and full of inspiration. This story is almost believable! It is full of magic. It brings happiness and I loved the humour in the book. Every character has something special inside — they are all unique in their own perspective.


Charlise A Visser — Age 15



                 The Lost Horses has been an amazing read. I loved the mythology that has been incorporated in the book. Really gripping and beautifully written. Highly recommended for anyone who loves adventure and the magnificent Heavy Draft horses.


Michael Underwood — Age 30


Gallery of small illustrations with quotes from The Lost Horses

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  • Thank you Peter my beloved husband for walking on this incredible journey with me and believing in my abilities even when I had lost faith in myself. Thank you for all your help and the endless patience with proof reading the manuscript.
  • Thank you Leigh Austen for the glorious illustrations. Your genius has helped to round this creation.
  • Thank you to Silke Heiss and Deborah Rudman for your critical appreciation and editing
  • Thank you to all our staff at Outeniqua Moon for believing in what we are doing and for your part in helping to save the Heavy Draft Horses.
  • Thank you to my children Ian and Sarah — to all my family and friends for your support and belief in me.
  • Thank you Evang Photographie for the photographs of the real Mr Tobbs and author.
  • Thank you Adrienne van Blerk for the photographs of the real Mr Tobbs and author at the Slow Festival.
  • Thank You Brendan Flack for the photograph of the real Mr Tobbs and author.
  • Thank You to Clea Witte for the painting of Mr Tobbs
  • Thank you Michael Wimpey — the Fisher Agency and Novus Print Solutions for print preparation and printing.




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Book Four – The War of the Worlds


Book Five – Giants Dreaming


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the purpose of the author and her husband.


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